Attributes to Look for in a Payment Processing Provider

Feb 25 2020

The average business owner is responsible for making hundreds of decisions per year. In fact, in a single day, there may be dozens of choices that a business owner has to make. And some of those decisions involve who to contract with for various services, ranging from suppliers to independent contractors and more. For any business that is using credit cards to process customer sales, working with a payment processing company is key. If you’re a business owner that’s looking to partner with a payment processing provider near you, here are some important characteristics to look for when making your decision about which company to choose-


One of the first things to think about when choosing a payment processing provider is whether or not the company has experience, and has experience working with businesses like yours. While all businesses have different needs, most of the time, the payment processing needs of businesses in the same industry will be similar. Search for a company that’s spent time figuring out best practices, and is now an established name. 


Payment processing services can be expensive – a credit card reader itself can cost hundreds of dollars. Plus there are the processing and software fees, as well as fees for any support, repairs, maintenance, training, etc. Keep these costs in mind as you compare payment processing providers near you. Are you being charged more than you should, or is the price fair? 


Just as when you’re choosing any company for any service, you want to choose a company with a strong reputation. Read customer reviews and check out reports from the Better Business Bureau. If there is a long list of customer complaints, head the other way! 

Range of Services

Finally, consider the range of services offered by the payment processing provider. Are there multiple types of hardware to choose from? Can the company manage over-the-phone and e-commerce payments? Will they provide employee training and support regarding how to use the system? 

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At One Source pos Inc., we have over 25 years of experience, have a great reputation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, offer equipment and installation free of charge, offer 24/7 support, and always offer free rate comparisons. Plus, we can support your business in numerous ways! To learn more about our payment processing provider and how we can serve you, reach out to us by phone or use the intake form on our website to call us directly today.



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