Indiana POS Systems for Retail Services

Indiana POS Systems for Retail Services

Trying to run a retail business by only accepting cash would be impossible in 2020. Instead, most businesses accept credit and debit cards; some won’t even take checks anymore. Which is why if you offer retail services in Indiana, you need a POS (point-of-sale) system that can handle every transaction that your business manages on a daily basis. At One Source pos, Inc., our Indiana POS systems for retail services are exactly what your business needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about our POS systems and why your business should make the switch.

Our POS Systems – Exactly What Your Retail Business Needs

By switching over to one of our point-of-sale systems, your business will experience a number of benefits when it comes to managing and processing transactions. To be sure, our Indiana POS systems for retail services are designed to be:

  • Reliable. There’s nothing worse than processing software or hardware that you can’t depend on. Our systems are designed to perform well, even when processing dozens of transactions in an hour. 
  • Organized. Our POS systems not only process credit cards, but also keep a thorough record of your sales. This will be easier for you when you’re doing inventory, taxes, or want to look through your sales history. 
  • Fast. What’s more frustrating to a customer than waiting in line for an exorbitant amount of time? Nothing. If you want to keep your customers happy, you need to make sure that lines move quickly and efficiently. You won’t experience any tech delays or lag time with our POS systems.

In addition to the above, our systems are fully supported by our team. This means that if you have questions, we’ll be prepared with answers. Not only will we train your entire staff on how to use our system once it’s installed, but we’ll also provide 24/7 support services. If something goes wrong or you need help, we have emergency support ready to help you.

Types of Retail Businesses We Serve

We work with retail businesses of all types, ranging from small kiosks to big department stores. Types of retail businesses we serve include specialty stores, department stores, supermarkets and grocery stores, convenience stores, discount and extreme discount stores, drug stores, used goods stores, and more! If your business does retail, our POS systems can serve you!

Reach Out to One Source pos, Inc. Today

Attempting to run a retail business without a reliable point-of-sale system in place can be a disaster. If your business needs a fresh, efficient, and affordable POS system, reach out to our team directly. We provide trusted Indiana POS systems for retail services, and offer our systems with free equipment, free account set-up, and no long-term contracts. We also offer free quotes and cost comparisons, low rates, online applications, and 24/7 support.

To learn more, please call us today or send us a message at your convenience. We want to help businesses providing retail services like yours flourish. 

  • FREE Equipment Program
  • FREE Quote & Cost Comparison
  • FREE Account & Gateway Set-Up
  • NO Cancellation Fees!*
  • NO Long Term Contracts!*
  • LOW Rates Starting at 0.15%
  • SIMPLE Online Application
  • SAME DAY Approval
  • 24/7 Support

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