How Credit Card Processing Benefits Auto Repair Shops

Nov 5 2019

Auto repair shop owners might not think too much about their payment system. You may assume that a traditional payment service is acceptable: after all, you’re focused on ensuring that your customers get their vehicles fixed and all of the tasks that come along. Beyond just being able to accept payments it is important to review your processing program to ensure that you are being charged a fair and reasonable rate.

As an auto repair company, you already know the benefits of credit card processing services. These services can boost your sales and more just by providing your customers an alternative to cash. You’ll be helping your customers and doing your business a favor by changing up the way you charge. Here are a few ways that your auto repair shop can benefit from credit card processing. After you’ve considered the benefits, call One Source pos, Inc. We will gladly help you with all of your card processing needs! 

Charging is Better Than Upfront Costs 

Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they do not have to immediately provide a large sum of money for it. Credit card processing gives customers a chance to breathe, making it more likely that they’ll feel comfortable with the price if they know they can worry about it later. With credit cards, customers feel compelled to spend more. Knowing that they can pay off the money later encourages them to pay it now since it feels like an indirect payment—take advantage of this. This is great for your clients but your credit card processing program should benefit you too, and this starts with some basic knowledge about how credit card processing works and with having the most affordable merchant account.

Create a Loyalty Program 

Another benefit of credit card processing is that it supports customer engagement. Use the services to generate a point system that stacks up as customers make return appointments. Prevent customers from slipping through the cracks by generating a program that incentivizes getting the job done with you over your competitors. Repeat business is essential to your success: use a credit card payment system to increase your business in the long run.    

Protect Your Customers’ Payments 

Securing payments from the get-go saves you immeasurable headaches later. An added benefit for you is that accepting credit cards makes your business more legitimate and trustworthy. A secure credit card payment system is reliable: it helps customers know that they are protected from fraud or other security issues. Always make sure you have secure credit card processing equipment and software to ensure your clients’ sensitive data.  

Build Your Credibility

Not to mention that it would look bad for your business if your payment system malfunctioned. When you have customers who have arrived and are ready to pick up their vehicle, you don’t want to inform them that your payment services are down. With One Source pos, Inc., you’ll have sales technology that you can depend on for efficiency and support. Avoid this nightmare by installing a credit card payment system from us.  

Compete Against Other Shops 

The reality is that making payments in cashwhether that payment is large or smallis becoming obsolete. Digital payments are more popular than ever, and cash is no longer a preferred way to pay. Credit cards are the way for many people since they offer convenience and ease that cash just doesn’t. As such, a credit card machine is essential for any business, including the auto repair industry. With a state-of-the-art payment system from One Source pos, Inc., you’ll have an edge in the competition. 

Get Credit Card Processing at One Source pos, Inc.  

By now, you can likely see that you are missing out if you don’t have a current and reliable credit card processing system, with the lowest processing rates at your auto shop. Call One Source pos, Inc. today to get set up with a payment system! Our services are comprehensive and include training, so you know how to run your new system. See how far your auto repair business will go with credit card processing: contact us today.



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