Customers Favored In-store, Credit Card Purchases This Black Friday

Dec 12 2019

Online shopping has grown in popularity within recent years, threatening small and medium businesses alike. As more customers turn to online purchases, business owners may feel uncertain of the future. However, you should know that in-store purchases are not out of style, contrary to the popular belief that online shopping has taken over.

One Source pos, Inc., recognizes your business’s need for a high-quality pos system that effortlessly performs transactions every busy holiday season. Here’s why our pos systems are an essential addition to your company, more than ever.

More Customers Choose Physical Shopping Over Digital

A recent news article published by Business Wire reports on the increase of in-store purchases this Black Friday. According to SpendTrend data collected by Fiserv, Inc., brick and mortar retail sales increased by 4.2 percent this year. A larger number of shoppers were traveling an average of 25 miles to shop in-person rather than through online services. In other words, customers were willing to drive extra miles for a great deal this year.

Additionally, business owners should also note how shoppers made their purchases. The majority of shoppers—about 57 percent—used credit cards, while 43 percent of shoppers used debit. Overall, mobile wallet use experienced an 80 percent increase from 2018.

What This Means For Your Business

What does this data mean for businesses? The SpendTrend data indicates that more and more shoppers are buying gifts in stores and are making card payments. As physical purchases increase, and as more people use mobile wallets to make payments, your business must be adequately equipped to handle these transactions.

That’s why now’s the time you must install a reliable retail sales system! With the holiday rush in full swing, generating a positive customer experience is more important than ever. You don’t want to disappoint your customers with long lines and point of sales system failures, so why not install a new set of credit card processing equipment from One Source pos, Inc? After all, it’s not just about the technology itself. You need to partner with a POS company that’s dependable and professional.

Fewer people are using cash for purchases, and your business needs to reflect that. Credit cards are the primary payment method for shoppers, so a quality POS system is a necessity for every business. Customers come to your business for a high-quality shopping experience. Become the store they rely on for fast, seamless transactions with a pos system from One Source pos, Inc. The purchase is the final step to getting that deal: meet their expectations with our specially designed retail sales systems.

Install Your New POS System

One Source pos, Inc., believes that a pos system that satisfies the customer is also the one that satisfies the business. You should discuss your installation options with our team right away. Our systems will come in handy as your business handles the holiday seasons, helping you generate a positive shopping experience for your customers. Call or message us to learn more: we’re happy to answer your questions.



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