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With e-storefronts like Amazon and eBay beginning to replace their brick-and-mortar counterparts, it’s safe to say we’ve entered a new era of shopping. It is incredibly convenient to hit a few buttons and have your purchase — whether that includes the week’s groceries or a new computer — shipped to your doorstep. This same convenience is now forcing companies, large and small, to adapt and upgrade their payment processing solutions. If you are worried that your company is not prepared to take on this new virtual market, get help from the e-commerce experts at One Source pos, Inc!

Payment Made Easy

One of the most significant benefits of an online payment-processing system is the convenience that it offers both the buyers and the sellers. Whereas selling your products via a third-party retailer can quickly become a nightmare of hidden fees and hoops, having a well-managed seller portal, also known as a shopping cart, on your website saves money and avoids all those headaches. Two primary problems with this method are attracting customers and finding the right systems for the job. At One Source pos, Inc., we solve the second problem by ourselves: our online seller and payment portals are easy to navigate for both you and the customer, and our rates are the lowest in the business. Not having to worry about technical problems can let you focus on the first problem: attracting customers to your virtual store!

Processing Online Transactions

The technology behind online payment processing can be a little tricky; after all, the idea of money changing hands via a virtual marketplace can be a difficult one to wrap your head around, especially if you’ve spent decades working in traditional storefronts. However, we make it easy for you: our e-commerce team will set you up with all the essential programs and systems to effectively and safely process online payment information while providing short wait times and a smooth user experience for your customers. This is accomplished using our payment gateway, which will allow secure processing or transactions over the internet. Our payment gateway is safe and secure through P2P Encryption. You will also be covered if you are making sales on your website, as the gateway can easily integrate with a shopping cart feature.

Low Rates

While many companies promise excellent pos service — for online or traditional retail — One Source pos, Inc. can deliver where others fall flat. And beyond the attractive and user-friendly services and technology we offer, we also have the lowest rates in the business! Our expertise in the field of virtual transactions means we can customize your online shopping experience to best suit the needs of your company, as well as those who frequently shop with you. For instance, you can set up your online shopping cart to check for the shopper’s card verification code and billing address, allowing for better shopper security, as well as lower processing fees for all!

Get in Touch with Us Today!

To speak with the e-commerce specialists at One Source pos, Inc., reach out today! We can help you find the perfect payment systems to fit your company, whether you are running a wholly-online venture, or are trying to maintain a brick-and-mortar location. You can give us a call at our Frankfort location at 800-553-1780, or simply fill out our online contact form. From there, we can discuss our excellent pricing options.

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