Top Reasons to Accept Credit Cards

Apr 28 2020

While rare, there are still a handful of businesses out there that don’t accept credit cards, preferring cash or check only. This may be the case for many reasons, including concerns over credit card fees, or because the business wants to protect customer information and is worried about a data security breach. While these reasons–and others–may be legitimate, there are also many reasons to accept credit cards. Consider these top reasons that your business should start accepting credit cards, even if it’s small, and call One Source pos, Inc. for more information about credit card processing and point-of-sale services for your company–

  1. Many Consumers Don’t Carry Cash or Use Checks

Perhaps the most important reason to accept credit cards is simply that in 2020, many consumers are not carrying cash around anymore, and may not even have a checkbook! This is especially true for younger customers and those who identify as millennials. 

  1. Accepting Credit Cards Encourages Buying

While you certainly don’t want to take advantage of your customers, you do want to maximize sales – accepting credit cards can help you achieve that. Credit cards encourage buying, particularly impulse buying. By accepting credit cards, you may be able to maximize your sales potential.

  1. Accepting Credit Cards Can Add Legitimacy to Your Name

If you’re running a small business or a start-up, it can be hard to build a name for yourself and gain clout in the industry. One thing that can help your business to appear more legitimate and professional is accepting credit cards. 

  1. Accepting Credit Cards Protects You

There are dozens of reasons to use credit cards that are related to increasing sales and building your business reputation, but one of the most important reasons to accept credit cards is that doing so can protect you from being the victim of a bad check, or series of bad checks. When you run a customer’s credit card, that money is guaranteed. 

  1. You Need to Keep Up with the Competition

Just as most consumers don’t carry around cash and checkbooks, most companies do accept credit cards, which means that even if you have a better product or service, consumers may choose your competitors out of convenience if your business doesn’t accept credit cards.

Reach Out to One Source pos, Inc. for Credit Card Processing Services You Can Trust

If you have questions about credit card processing services and how our company can help you get set up, please call us today or send us a message at your convenience. We offer low-cost point-of-sale services for businesses like yours, and always offer a free quote and cost comparison. To learn more, reach out to us today.



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